Kangaroo Island’s untamed wilderness and dramatic landscapes bring gasps from even the most seasoned travellers. However, it’s only when you see the diverse and extraordinary wildlife living within these landscapes that you realise just how special this island really is.

When rising seas separated Kangaroo Island from the Australian mainland about 10,000 years ago, the animals here started their own evolutionary path. That’s why, for instance, the Kangaroo Island kangaroo looks and behaves unlike any other kangaroo in Australia.

At Kangaroo Island Odysseys, our goal isn’t just to bring you closer to this unique and beautiful wildlife; we help you understand each animal’s place within the island’s ecosystem.

If your idea of adventure isn’t on four wheels but two feet, we also have a tour that includes sections of the spectacular new Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail. This world-class walking trail on the island’s south west follows 61 kilometres of the most awe-inspiring and dramatic coastline in Australia. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.