The natural wonders of Kangaroo Island are world-renowned. The culinary delights of the island, however, aren’t far behind. The pristine island environment, clean air, pure water, and Mediterranean climate make it the perfect place for food and wine producers. And every bit as nice for food and wine lovers. Spend a couple of days enjoying the magnificent King George Whiting, Marron (freshwater crayfish), Ligurian honey, lamb, pork, cheeses, wines; the list goes on and on. Just as lunch will when you’re here.


We’re not sure what’s more remote – Kangaroo Island or the chances of going hungry while you’re here! Spend three days indulging every sense as you sample the island’s fresh produce. These seasonal tours have been developed to highlight the best food, wine and nature-based experiences available during each of the four seasons. Yes, there’s something to suit every taste all year round.  

You’ll stay in luxury coastal accommodation, explore the island in air-conditioned 4x4 vehicles and enjoy the treats that we have in store for you and your travelling companions.

No matter what time of the year you decide to visit, we’re sure you’ll leave hungry for more.  

Download the Food and Wine Tours Brochure for 2017-18.