We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has sent us messages of support and for all the kind words we have received over the past weeks in regard to the Kangaroo Island bushfires that have truly devastated our community. So many generous messages have flooded in from around the world and we are very grateful for your thoughts.

Our hearts go out to the entire Kangaroo Island community, our wildlife, our native bushland and our staff who have been impacted by these bushfires.

Where to get the most up to date information?

If travelling to Kangaroo Island, we encourage you to check conditions and to follow the latest updates from the Country Fire Service (CFS). Find updates on the CFS website.

For more general travel to Australia, take a look at the Tourism Australia website to see which Australian destinations have been impacted. Find details here.

How can you help?

There are a number of ways you can help the Kangaroo Island community, whether it be through volunteering your time, assisting with financial donations or supporting the island through tourism. We've collated a few effective and productive ways to assist below.


Kangaroo Island Bushfire Appeal Fund - Organised by our Tour Guide Nikki Redman

This has been set up to make it easier for people to donate from all over the world. Thank you all for the wonderful support your giving our community. Funds will go to the Kangaroo Island Mayors Bushfire Appeal Fund (below). Donate here.

The Kangaroo Island Mayors Bushfire Appeal Fund

The money raised through the Kangaroo Island Mayors Bushfire appeal will go directly into the hands of islanders that need it most. This will help those directly impacted by the devastation caused by the fires and will help them face each new day with financial assistance to rebuild their lives, homes and businesses. International swift code: SGBLAU25 Find out more.

Hanson Bay Wildlife and Koala Sanctuary

Kangaroo Island's beloved Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary was sadly decimated by the bushfires. The 5,000 acre property was home to thousands of native species including the incredible population of koalas that were free to roam wild on the property. Their home, habitat and all their infrastructure has gone so their Go Fund Me page has been set up to help rebuild and regenerate the land so when the koalas that are being cared for at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park (see below) are ready to be released into the wild, they have a home to return to. Donate here.


Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park Fund

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park fund has been set up to care for the significant number of koalas and other native species that have been injured in the Kangaroo Island fires. The park has been treating new koalas as they come in each day with pain relief, antibiotics as well as building new infrastructure to provide a new home for the wild animals as they are rehabilitated before they can be released back into the wild. Donate here.


The CFS Foundation

The Country Fire Service is made up of volunteer firefighters who risk their lives and serve tirelessly to protect our homes, towns, environment, animals and businesses. Many of them have lost their own homes and leave loved ones behind to protect our community, so digging deep to our volunteer firefighters is how best we can say thank you. Donate here.


Donate your time by volunteering

BlazeAid Volunteers

Blaze Aid is a non-profit, volunteer run organisation that works with people in rural Australia after natural disasters like fires and floods. In the case of Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Hills, they are setting up relief centres for farmers and affected families who register to receive the help of volunteers. If you are fit, willing and able to assist, you can register your time and service. Find out more.

Volunteering SA/NT

Volunteering SA/NT will manage volunteer relief efforts on Kangaroo Island in conjunction with Junction in Kingscote. Register your interest here.

Thank you for your incredible generosity. It’s felt here on Kangaroo Island and we look forward to welcoming you with open arms when you visit.